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Expert Advice – How to Spot Casinos that are not Legitimate

Let’s face it: bad casinos are hard to spot. They are there on the internet, and most of the times they look simply fabulous, featuring bright colors and modern design. Some people, especially the new players, are not able to find the wolf in the sheep’s clothing and they end up joining those rogue casinos, only to lose their money and feel disappointed later.Casinos that are not LegitimateBut you now have a magic wand in the form of this short guide that will help you instantly spot casinos that are not legitimate. Your goal is to enjoy playing casino games at a casino that is safe, secure and legitimate, not the other way around.You can always check out BonusesOnline.com’s list of safe and secure casinos any time you like and join any casino featured in it.

Here’s how you can Spot Casinos that are not Legitimate

With the tips listed below, you can find casinos that fake it all.
  • Friendly customer support is missing When you call up customer support on a bad casino, you get disappointed. If you ask them questions, they are never able to provide any satisfactory answers. Furthermore, their only concern is to wrap up a call as quickly as possible. Above all, they talk rudely. The customer support reflects the image of a casino, and if you find it below average, do not join that casino.
  • Payout percentage is below expectations The payout percentage is the amount of money that you can win a game. It should be sufficient. But casinos that are not legitimate do not award you a handsome payout percentage. You feel like you’ve been cheated. A good casino is the one that offers you a payout percentage of 90%.
  • Casino games are not secure If you choose to play casino games that are not safe, you make a big mistake as you risk away not only your money but also your details that you supply to your casino while making financial transactions. So it makes sense to play secure casino games. Casinos that are not legitimate do not provide secure games.
  • Fast and secure banking is missing Secure banking is necessary. If it is missing, your money is at risk. Bad casinos do not provide fast and secure banking because their only concern is to get money from you. Secure banking prevents them from storing your credit/debit card details. Do not join casinos that are not safe.
  • Accepts only credit cards Good casinos accept credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and a host of other banking methods that are accepted worldwide. But a bad casino only accepts credit cards. Bad casinos store your card details and misuse it at will.
Our goal is to make you a more informed player so that you are not tricked by casinos that are not legitimate. Play safe, have fun.
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