Celebrities Who Face Casino Ban

Celebrities are welcomed with open hands and showered with plenty of attention by hosts and fans alike when they arrive at a particular establishment to spend some time and have fun. Same is the case for players who love to gamble or spend time in one of the many decked up casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. Casinos and resorts and other hotels go out of the way to make special arrangements for their very special guests and ensure that they are always very comfortable and that all their requirements are well taken care of.

celebrities who face casino ban

Even with all the care and attention every so often a star falls and crashes miserably when they fail to behave or respond appropriately to the location. This can sometimes also lead to a life ban on some of them from gambling or even stepping foot inside the casino.

The celebrities facing casino ban include:

  • Basketball legend Allen Iverson
  • Popular rapper Lil’ Wayne
  • Hotel heiress Paris Hilton
  • Heir to an oil empire Brandon Davis
  • Illusionist and trick artist Derren Brown

These are just a few celebrities who face a ban from entering or gambling in casinos located in different parts of the world for a variety of reasons. The one thing they have in common is that they are all trendy and have a generous fan following

Attitude matters

Basketball player Allen Iverson is well known for his antics on the court, and when this pattern of bad-mouthing and abuse was displayed in a casino on a gambling table, all the achievement included was a ban from almost all of the casinos of Detroit. Charges included the use of foul language, throwing chips at the dealer and obstructing play and disturbing other players after losing a game.

Even the rich and famous can’t afford this

When a very popular Las Vegas casino spread out the red carpet and throws a grand gala in honor of a celebrity, all they need to do is to show up. The famous rapper Lil’ Wayne forgot to do just that which resulted in a ban from the Wynn casinos and Resorts.

Heir apparent running into credit trouble

Even heirs to fortune running into millions of dollars can face credit problems as Mr. Brandon Davis found out after not paying up the minimum buy-in of $5000 and getting banned from the casino.

Vanishing act

Illusionist Derren Brown has been banned from most of UK’s casinos after earning a name and becoming popular by the tricks performed using cards. The tricks include creating illusion and hypnotizing people to make them do things under the influence.

Getting busted from one’s hangout

Socialite Paris Hilton tops this chart for being banned not just once but twice for casinos in Las Vegas, one of them being the Las Vegas Hilton. After being banned from Hilton for losing a brand new Bentley in a high stakes poker with a bet of close to $2.3 million, she ended up facing another ban from entering Wynn casinos in Las Vegas for possession of banned substances.

Celebrities always end up in the limelight, more often for good than bad reasons. They always receive VIP treatment that they deserve at almost every place that they walk into, but very often some of them lose track of their activities and end up being removed from the place unceremoniously or even face a ban from entering the place ever again.