UseMyBank Casinos

UseMyBank CasinosUseMyBank is an online money transfer service which lets you play casino games using the bill payment facility provided by your bank through online banking. Those who are confident using online banking will find the UseMyBank service easy to use. It is much faster and very secure.

How UseMyBank Works

If you have made fund transfers to third parties using online banking, you do not need to know anything else about how this marvellous facility works. It works just like that. You tell your bank that you want to use the bill payment service to transfer money to your UseMyBank account. But for that to happen, your bank must be registered with UseMyBank. Otherwise, it would not show UseMyBank as an online payment option. This process is highly secure and it treats your privacy really well. Nobody gets access to your financial details because you never share it with anyone!

Steps to Play Casino Games with UseMyBank

Follow the easy steps listed below to play casino games using UseMyBank.

  • Link your bank account with UseMyBank using online banking bill payment service provided by your bank. For that, simply log into your bank account and follow the instructions.
  • Visit the deposits section and choose UseMyBank. To be able to do so, you need to log into your casino account.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and submit it.

The money is transferred instantly. There are no wait times, whatsoever.

Benefits of UseMyBank

It offers numerous advantages that offer you peace of mind.

  • Security
    It offers total security. You never share your bank details or credit card details with anyone, not even with UseMyBank. Your bank performs the transactions for you on your behalf. Therefore, you stay away from online frauds and other risks involving money stealing. Your bank’s state of the art infrastructure will always ensure that your details are kept away from intruders.
  • Speed
    All money transfers carried out using UseMyBank are superfast. They happen in real time. The money is instantly transferred. There are no wait times. And there are no delays.
  • Simplicity
    It offers incredible simplicity. Unlike e-wallets or prepaid online debit cards, you do not need to create a new account and put money into it. You can simply log into your bank’s website and perform a transaction. All this saves you time besides ensuring you do not share your details with anyone.
  • No extra charges
    You are not required to pay any transaction charges with UseMyBank. Besides, there are no hidden charges of any type. The transactions are totally free.

UseMyBank is an incredible facility for those who are reluctant to use credit cards or other payment methods that involve sharing financial details. Using your bank’s bill payment service, you can fund your casino account and enjoy the streamlined hassle-free gaming experience. This facility is fast and totally secure. In short, you will get to experience the next wave of entertainment with it.