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Casino Match Bonus

Online casinos are making gambling more exciting day by day. They have come up with unique concepts and bonuses. One such bonus is known as match up bonus. Simply put, a match up bonus is the bonus amount equal to your deposit. For instance, on a casino that offers a 100% match up bonus, you get $100 for depositing $100. So altogether you get $200 to play casino games by making a deposit worth $100. BonusesOnline.com is always hunting down the best match up bonuses from the internet for you. Our goal is to provide you value for money. Check out our list of casinos to take your pick and grab the best deals.

Match Bonus: The Inside Scoop

Once you make a deposit, the casino credits a bonus equal to your deposit to your casino account. For $50 you get $50 as a bonus. You cannot cash out this bonus money right away. In fact, this bonus is covered by some wagering requirements which you must understand before saying yes to the match bonus. Some casinos have an upper limit on the match up bonus. For example, a casino might decide to limit its match up bonus to $1,000 only. Some players try to abuse match up bonus by making huge deposits. So to prevent them from taking advantage, casinos cap the bonus amount. All in all, match bonus is a great way of increasing your initial bankroll as a new player.

What makes Match up Bonus Cool

Match bonuses are unique in their way. By offering this bonus, casinos can attract new customers. So it’s helping casinos a lot. New customers, on the other hand, get fantastic deals. So it’s beneficial for the players as well. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

It’s not always 100%; sometimes it’s more than that!

The amount of money you deposit directly affects the amount of match bonus you get. For example, depending upon the sum of money you deposit, a casino may decide to award you 50%, 100%, 200%, 500% or even 1,000% match up bonus. You may think that making bigger deposits is better but remember, nothing in this world comes for free so you must check the fine print.

Things to Remember about Match up Bonus

  • All bonuses are subject to wagering requirements
  • To be eligible for most match bonuses, you must make the minimum deposit
  • Depending on a casino, you may get this bonus once or multiple times
  • The amount of match up bonus may increase or decrease depending on your deposit
As you can see match up bonuses are worth giving a try. Choose any of the casinos listed here and join it to receive this fantastic bonus. With this special bonus, you get extra money for free to try various casino games without spending a single dollar from your pocket.
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