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Enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing at a live casino online! Using just your computer, tablet or smartphone. Does it ring a bell? We bet it does. With live dealers, casinos are now able to put the missing zing back into online gambling. It’s true that animations, graphics and sound effects incorporated into online casino games were above par. But despite that, a lot was missing. Live Casino Dealer A live casino dealer changes things dramatically. You can talk to (or chat with) the dealer! You can see them deal cards or spin wheels. Instead of an automated computer program, a dealer takes your bets, runs a game and awards you prize money when you win. In a nutshell, you get to experience the best of gambling online. If you are ready to catch a piece of the action, choose from our list of live casinos here on

How Live Casino Dealer Games Work

In a live casino game, a human being runs a game. You can see them via a live video streaming link. You can place your bets using the software console and communicate with the dealer via text chat function. The gameplay is visible on your computer screen as well. For example, if a game of live blackjack is in progress, the cards dealt will be displayed on your computer screen as well as in the streaming video. Live casino games are not automated like rest of the games. Real men and women take your bets and run a game much like they do in a land-based casino. Please note that you need a steady and fast internet connection to play casino games with a live dealer.

Connection Speed Requirements

You must have a fast internet connection to enjoy playing live casino games. These games require seamless streaming of a reasonably large live video feed. For a smooth playback, a connection speed of 1Mbps is ideal. A speed below that will result in choppy video streaming, frozen frames, etc. Streaming a live video also means that you will be downloading large chunks of data quickly. So you need to choose data bundles accordingly.

You need a Fast and Stable Computer

You need a fast and stable computer to play live dealer casino games. A fast computer with an adequate amount of memory and a powerful processor will fit the bill. Live video streams require plenty of memory for smooth playback, and a computer that is not up to the mark may give up sooner than you expect. So make the necessary upgrades to your computer, if required.

Things to Remember about Live Casino Games

  • Live casino games are run by real men and women not a computer program
  • You can place bets using a software console on your computer
  • You need a fast and stable internet connection (1 Mbps or above) to enjoy live casino games
Live dealer casino games have changed the way people look at online casinos. Give these games a try to see why they are so popular.
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