Casino Slot Myths have a Loyal Army of Believers

Winning on casino slot machines is purely based on luck without any emphasis on talent or special skills. Slot machines produce a combination of symbols, and when a player gets the winning combination, they strike gold. Many myths are revolving around casino slots and this keeping on growing with every new player and every big win or loss. Players many times swear by the myths and try to play their game by them to ensure their chance at a big jackpot.

Some of the popular myths include:

  • A player can predict the odds of winning
  • Casinos can alter the odds at will
  • Slot machines with greater visibility offer a better chance of winning
  • Winners are treated like royalty
  • If a slot machine does not offer prizes for long, then a jackpot is due

Players can predict the odds of winning

It is one of the most popular myths that players can count their odds of winning and can use it to land a jackpot. What most people don’t realize is that the slot machines are controlled by a computer chip and designed to produce millions of combinations and not just 8000 combinations if there are 20 symbols in a three-wheel slot machine.

Casinos can alter the results at will

Since everything is controlled by a chip inside the slot machine, the casinos cannot alter the course of a spin or award jackpots at random.

Winners are treated like royalty

On the contrary, casinos prefer not to see winners more often are they cost casinos money instead of spending money on games.

Slot machines with greater visibility offer better prize

This is another baseless myth based on the allegation that casinos tweak the slot machines near the doors and aisle to woo more players.