From Casino Halls to Online Casino Sites: History So Far!

Gambling has come a long way from real-world brick and mortar venues to the virtual world of the called the internet. The real world destinations for casino games like poker, slots, etc. can prove to be a little intimidating for any new player. The sheer scale and magnitude of operation can be overpowering and players may not be able to fully explore all the possibilities. Also, the geographical constraint such as the location of the casino makes it difficult for the players to be there personally every time. All this has changed since the advent of online casinos offering the same games as in a real-world casino but only with a multitude of themes and interesting twists.

Real World gambling

Gambling has been a part of the society since its inception and has evolved to take different forms today. Real world gaming has always been popular and was practiced by people all over the world in some form or other. In modern times, gambling was prohibited in much stated while some of them allowed gambling in particular formats.

The rise of pockets of gambling destinations

As some countries banned gambling in all forms, others allowed people to gamble in certain formats and then there were those regions which become popular for liberal gaming practices. Some of the regions include:

  1. Los Angeles, USA
  2. Macau, Hong Kong and
  3. Monaco amongst others

These regions were soon thronged by avid gaming fans from all over the world ready to try their luck while they holiday.

Start of gambling holiday culture

People started visiting the particular destinations for the sole purpose of gambling with many spending a fortune trying their luck at various casino games. These destinations were promoted for their liberal gaming practices and today millions throng the places each year giving rise to a separate tourism format that thrives on the tourists who visit places only to gamble.

The rise of online gambling sites

As the internet started gaining popularity, the pioneers in the gambling industry and the developers of online gaming sites thought of taking the games to masses by offering online versions of their favorite games. All the games on offer were very attractive and the developers offered huge rewards and complimentary gaming time to woo more and more players.

Rich content and graphics

The gaming sites added more and more games and updated the graphics to make the online version more attractive for the players. Today it is estimated that more than one-fourth of all gambling activity takes place online which means that billions of dollars are transacted online each year.

Trustworthy gaming sites and strict regulations

Online gaming sites as their real-world counterparts require gaming licenses from competent authorities. These licensing authorities regulate remote gaming licenses and ensure that all the licensees abide by fair gaming practices and transparent operating procedures. This ensures that the players are not fed misinformation and the site is directed to only legally eligible players.

Summary: Casino games have come a long way from the real world halls to online sites. Today the online casino sites cater to a larger audience and offer rich entertainment content to all eligible players.