Bingo Sites Accepting PaySafeCard

Bingo Sites Accepting PaySafeCardPaySafeCard is Europe’s most popular online payment method. People love it because it lets them make online payments quickly, safely, easily and most of all without a credit card or a bank account! It’s a dream come true for those who want to get a taste of online bingo but are reluctant to use their bank cards online. You can simply use your 16-digit PaySafeCard PIN or My PaySafeCard username and password to make a deposit. Following are some of the best online bingo sites that accept PaySafeCard. Join any of these and see how easy it is to play bingo without plastic cards.

How to Play Bingo with PaySafeCard

To play bingo using PaySafeCard, you need to follow the steps listed below. Get a PaySafeCard PaySafeCard is available at over 500,000 sales outlets worldwide. Just pay a visit to your local PaySafeCard outlet and buy one or more cards for yourself. You may like to find your nearest PaySafeCard outlet. You can also download the PaySafeCard smartphone app from their website for finding outlets near you and much more. Alternatively, you can also buy PaySafeCard online. As of now a PaySafeCard is available in £10, £25, £50, £75 and £100 amounts. Use it to Play Bingo When you buy a PaySafeCard, you get a unique 16-digit PIN. Use this PIN to deposit money to your bingo account. If you wish to make larger deposits, you can combine multiple PaySafeCard PINs to form a larger amount. The best part about a PaySafeCard is that you are not obligated to spend the entire card value at once. Rather, you can spend as much as you want and the remaining balance just stays there in your card and you can check it anytime by entering your PIN on the PaySafeCard website.

How PaySafeCard Works

PaySafeCard is a prepaid card. You buy it at an outlet for a predetermined denomination and pay for it in cash. (You can also buy it online and pay with your bank card or credit card.) Each PaySafeCard contains a unique 16-digit PIN that you can use to make a payment. You can also make payments with your PaySafeCard using your username and password associated with it. Since you do not provide your banking details while making a payment, you don’t need to worry about your details being misused.

Advantages of Playing Bingo with PaySafeCard

Playing bingo using a PaySafeCard offers many advantages.
  • Quick and safe payments
  • Available at over 500,000 outlets
  • Accepted by thousands of online shops
  • No need to have a debit or credit card
  • No need to spend full card amount in one go
  • No need to provide personal details
  • Smartphone app is also available

Try PaySafeCard Bingo Today!

Playing bingo using a PaySafeCard offers many benefits that are hard to overlook. First, you get a safe, quick and easy-to-use method of making payments online. Second, you don’t need to share your bank card details or personal information while playing bingo. Third, you don’t need to spend full card amount in one go. Apart from that, you may get exclusive benefits that are available only for PaySafeCard bingo players. So, to enjoy all that and a lot more, simply join any of the bingo sites featured here. Good luck!
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