Air Travel and Casino Games

Casinos on Aircrafts

The idea of Casinos on aircraft is absolutely stunning. Air travel can’t get any better with these exciting and fun-filled games being played while one is on the move. This was attempted before as well, gambling has already been introduced on the long-distance flights and got an overwhelming response. Here are a few important facts and points about the same:

1. Two French aviation designers have finally broken through all the impossibilities and have come up with a way in which air travellers can actually enjoy their flights without having to get bored sitting on cramped seats. Large seating, effective and working casino games and fully fledged bars are considered to be introduced in aeroplanes.

2. Many say that this move will be a big success story as many travellers now look forward to enjoying their favourite game on the board. Many have shown the keen interest in this project but nothing official has been quoted so far.

3. It is evident that on long duration flights, even on business class passengers can only drink, eat, watch movies or sleep. But this concept looks to make time pass in an easier and joyful manner and also serve a recreational purpose for the travellers.

4. Space inside the airlines is another issue that the developers have to think about. But if the aircraft are properly designed, they might not have to take any of seating space. An idea that was pointed out was that the social lounge can be at the bottom of the aircraft near the cargo storage.

Such ideas are always welcome as long as they are for the welfare and benefit of the people. This has got the potential to expand to every possible long-duration flights. We can only hope that it gets for real and people can enjoy more in mid-air. So the time has come when casino games would fly up in the air which is sure to double the fun and excitement altogether.